Will EOS take over Ethereum


EOS seems like it has a lot of potential. I think it has the ability to over take Ethereum. What does everyone think?


No way. EOS was nothing more than a money grab. It is very centralized and at one point they even wanted to be able to freeze transactions. The EOS constitution has been a mess. Any organization that enables Pedo’s such as Brock Pierce to have positions of power is a no go for me.


Brock is not part of the project anymore! @CryptoKiller


If Ethereum does not solve scaling, then perhaps.


There is usecases for both! Some decentralized applications will need the speed and scalability of transactions that EOS Provides., Other DApps need censorship resistance and privacy which Ethereum can provide. Developers should pick what suits their website/dapp best and end users won’t have to worry.


EOS will beat Ethereum, it is the future and the project has huge ambitions that are inspiring to see. When EOS passes Ethereums total market cap, it will be considered the future of crypto, its blockchain is ahead of its time. Dan Larimer is a visionary with multiple successful exits, he is always working on the next big thing. Anyone who has ever watched Dan speak would consider him a genius.


EOS is a :poop: coin! There is only 21 block producers world wide and they can easily be compromised especially since they have conference calls together, and I am sure some parties! They are the ones responsible for dumping ETH and lowering the price down to $200! SCAM ICO!


Maybe, maybe not. You would be silly not to be holding both! Both great technologies.


I love both but I think EOS is going to take over the second Dapps catch on.


Take over? No i doubt it. The Ethereum community is much bigger and stronger then EOS.


Brock pierce is not a pedophile. We must believe everything he says guys! Do not judge him bigots! Centralizing the block producers to 21 people is totally okay and if you disagree your an idiot!


Everyone tries to copy Ethereum. Ethereum is first movers advantage, a solid community, and a repidly growing infrastructure. I believe trivial scaling issues can be resolved with some patience. Everyone trying to make a quick buck by copying Ethereum and changing a thing or 2.


Whatever the users and developers flock to, will win. EOS seems to be a better off platform to make Dapps, but at the same time, it seems like a short term solution to what Ethereum is already working on.

I have money in both and would suggest you do the same!


Ethereum 2.0 soon will solve scaling issues, EOS may be left in the dust.