Why are pyramid scheme dapps so popular?


Out of everything I would not imagine these dapps to be so popular? It seems they create a lot of FOMO and then die very quicky. Do you think this trend will continue?


A lot of the pyramid dapps coming into DappVolume are the same smart contracts over and over with slighly different variable names. So I think the main reason is because its easy to set up/clone the existing contracts. The barrier to entry is smaller vs creating a game/exchange etc.


Because “decentralization” is currently a buzz word that people throw around without proper understanding of it. The real problem is that DApps and Blockchain have such a huge potential that is thwarted by people who don’t understand it.


because many users want to get rich quickly.


Because the technology is new, anytime something is new you will find people doing all sorts of unethical things to make money.