Stock market crash! Will crypto sky rocket?!


All the markets are crashing right now besides silver and gold. I thought crypto would of gone up when the markets went down. I think it will, it may take some time though.

Government Debt

Price Predictions 1 year from now ( mind you, USD will be weakened )

Bitcoin = $45,000 USD
Ethereum = $3,600
Ripple = $6.00
Litecoin = $1500


Precious metals and crypto will be the only place to go if the collapse happens! :skull:


Yes I think crypto will be a safer place to put your savings in maybe one day in the future. But not right now, people still trust the current system so much. One day the trust will be gone, the inflation will kick in with reality and people will buy cryptocurrencies!


The thing is crypto markets rely more on adoption by users than on other currencies. Sadly the market crash hasn’t resulted in more people adopting Crypto.