How will dapps gain mass adaption?


I am researching how decentralized applications will get mass adaption. Currently DappVolume shows around 800,000 users and from my findings, you can create multiples users by creating multiple Ethereum addresses. So there may be only 500,000 users for example, however this is not info anyone knows. And I understand theres a few other Dapps like Steemit, Dtube, etc that do not use the Ethereum blockchain. All together my guesstimate is we are probably around 1 million to 2 million unique Dapp users in the entire ecosystem on all platforms.

Here are a few ideas to bring mass market adaption for Dapps:

  • Make it so non crypto users can get started. Maybe they can get a tiny amount to sample a game and if they like they can buy crypto.

  • Create decentralized social networks

  • Create decentralized Uber/Ride sharing apps

  • More dapp frameworks and tools to make it easier for developers

  • Decentralize tradional marketplaces ( Amazon, Ebay, etc )

Would love to hear some more of your ideas!


There needs to be better dapps in general. A lot of the dapps coming out are mediocre at best… Once we see better dapps there will be more users and the eco system will expand.