Ethereum price prediction 2020 with Dapps? $25,000


I want to gage peoples price predictions on Ethereum by the year 2020.

Currently there is 800,000 Dapp users according to DappVolume.

Lets imagine there is (100 million) 100,000,000 Dapp users in the future.

That would be 125x user growth and if the price is correlated, that is $25,000 an Ethereum.

40 Ethereum is $8,000 and can make you a millionaire by sometime in 2020 is my prediction.

I know this is a bold predicition but if you honestly look at the numbers, we are no where near adoption yet.


WIth the stock market collapse, I think a huge increase in crypto may send Ethereum to all time highs however $25,000 is very high! Possible, though.

By your logic of users creating the market value

4 Billion users = $1 million USD per Ethereum


I want whatever you guys are smoking! :maple_leaf::four_leaf_clover:


I think $2,000 is more realistic but anything is possible in crypto! When looking at the user numbers, you are correct, we have made very little progress in the big picture.


My guess is $5,000 for 1 ETH and the network will have around 10 million DAPP users. People should buy when the prices are still low or they will be kicking themselves later!


$2,500 however I would be happy hitting all time highs again!


My opinion is by the year 2020, we will see ETH go to the moon! :crescent_moon: The price will start surging in 2019 and by 2020 we will see a $2,200 Ethereum ( 10x from today ). I am planning to keep investing in Ethereum at these low prices as its a bargain.


This is an interesting analysis about Dapps and ETH. Think we will see bull then some resistance at $600 then we will blast off to $2,000 by 2020. $25,000 seems too high.