Ethereum 2.0 Project Serenity! Scaling solved?


Hey guys I have been wondering how EOS and Ethereum will turn out. I think Ethereum will crush EOS once they solve scaling which it sounds like they have in the new 2.0 project serenity update.

Here is a quote from Vitalik from Devcon4.

“…combination of a bunch of different features that we have been talking about for the past several years. We have been actively researching, building, and now, finally getting them all together.”


A lot of talk about it online. Will be interesting to see what happens.

This is an interesting snippet below from the article:

Well, as explained by Drake, 2.0, dubbed “Serenity” by most:

“Contains various new radical ideas. Part of it is around a move from Proof of Stake (POS) away from POW. And the other big idea is sharding, so scalability — having a thousand shards compared to just one shard.”