ETH ready to bounce back?


Found some technical analysis taken on ethereum and with the report, it is looking real good as it seems ETH has prepared to take on the train and prove itself once more that it is th king of alts. Well, lets hope the TA becomes real and we see our dearly ETH come up once again.


Ethereum and crypto in general is very under valued. I think ETH is going to bounce back to $300-$400 range by the end of the year. It could go a bit lower before bouncing back but I doubt it will past $180.

Here is a good technical analysis I saw on Ethereum few days ago.


ETH is not going anywhere till the king moves, BTC! Sorry, but thats just the truth.


Im looking forward to ETH being on top, it isn’t as fractured as BTC and honestly feels a lot more transparent.


ETH had its time but sadly could not capitalize on it’s initial momentum. I’m more than happy for it to bounce back but I don’t see it happening soon.