Does Ethereum have a max supply?


Hello it seems Bitcoin has a hard coded max supply at 21,000,000 Bitcoins. Does Ethereum not have something like this? Who decides how many Ethereum there is? I thought all coins had this and that was the point of cryptocurrency to not use inflation/money printing techniques!


Its more complex then Bitcoins simple 21,000,000 number.

From StephanTaul on the Ethereum Forums on September, 2014

There is no maximum. 60,102,216 ethers were created during the sale, plus 2x pools of 9.9% each. 26% of 60,102,216 will be created through mining every year. This means that 15,626,576 will be created every year on top of the 60m and the two pools.

After a while, 15,626,576 ether won’t represent much of the total ether available, making the system dis-inflationary (i.e., inflation perpetually trending towards 0 but never reaching it).

Here is the current number of Ethereum:


This is great info. I knew about this but not the exact numbers.

Really annoying when BTC maximalist say ETH has an unlimited supply.